Farm Fitness is a great example of how health and fitness is changing. It’s a back to basics approach to exercise designed around everyday strength gained from functional human body movements performed at a high intensity. 

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Farm Fitness

Escape the commercialised gym environment and break into a unique style of indoor and outdoor functional training which is accessible to all fitness levels. 

Located in the glorious countryside, overlooking acres of arable farmland, a fitness experience like no other.


Award-winning classes led by dedicated instructors offering a unique outdoor fitness experience. Click here to find out more

Personal Training

Be better, feel better, perform better. Whatever your goal, together we will make it happen. Click here to find out more

Small Group Training

Reap the benefits of personal training and class comeradie with semi-private training. Click here to find out more

Farm Fitness Kids

A combination of enjoyable, mental and physical challenges will encourage your child to explore their physical ability through adapting to progressive ’functional movement patterns’, that will help them thrive in their everyday lives! Click here to find out more

Venue Hire

A unique outdoor fitness space with an idyllic backdrop of rolling countryside offers customers the opportunity to host photoshoots, marketing material and fitness events. Click here to find out more

Farm Fitness Events

Our variety of fitness events serve as a valuable stepping stone to get you to more challenging long-term goals. Whether you are just starting your fitness journey or are a competitive athlete we have an event for you. Click here to find out more

Corporate Events

A healthy workforce means a healthy business. At the farm we offer a corporate experience which will bring your team together with the shared aim of improving overall health and wellbeing, encouraging optimal work capacity. Click here to find out more

Customer Testimonials

See what our members have to say about Farm Fitness…

"I have been training with Poppy at Farm fitness for a few years now. Poppy has not only helped me with my bad back but she has also helped me train throughout my first pregnancy up to 3 days before I gave birth. All the classes were adapted to suit where I was in my pregnancy. I felt confident knowing that I was in safe hands allowing me to enjoy training till full term. Poppy is knowledgeable and so understanding. I can’t wait to get back training."


"Farm fitness is easily the best gym I’ve been to. My two sons both do the Wednesday evening class with Holly and absolutely love it. Holly along with all the staff are all first class. Always friendly and helpful.

My wife has also recently started coming to the gym, so the whole family are now hooked.

Thanks for the work you do in keeping our family fit and healthy!"


"The team at Farm Fitness have made my training really enjoyable. My fitness has improved so much over the past couple of years and so have my Hyrox times.

Highly recommend their PT and classes!"


"I started training in SGPT roughly a year ago and i have enjoyed every session. At first I was nervous that the standard of the class would be too high for me, but the coaches make it completely scalable for my needs. The full body focus adds great variety and is helping me achieve my goals. Coaches ensure form is correct and really push me every session. Farm Fitness have created a great environment to workout, whilst it is really hard it is so enjoyable. This is why I train SGPT twice a week now!"


"I have been attending classes and small group PT at Farm for nearly 2 and a half years and I love it. I started looking for a new challenge and under the great coaches have become fitter and stronger than I have ever been, reaching the Hyrox World Championships.

I love the community aspect they offer and made some amazing friends along the way and always felt welcome, even with my big personality. The coaches are great and very knowledgable and their if I need help or a kick up the bum! Overall farm fitness is a great gym for anyone with any goal and would recommend it for all types of gym goer"


"Farm Fitness has opened my eyes to an entire new way of training. I’ve learnt loads, made huge progress & met some great people along the way!"


"The team at Farm fitness have something pretty special here, they’ve got the perfect mix of being friendly and welcoming but equally push you to be better and stronger on each and every training session #harvestthegains"


"I’ve met people from all walks of life and some of them I now have the pleasure of calling my closest friends."


"Farm Fitness has helped me achieve things I never thought I would and enabled me to work in a team with close friends"


"Amazing facility, with the best setup brought together by some of the most knowledgeable and innovation coaches in the country."


"Farm Fitness has educated me on training effectively. I used to spend my time working away on a cross-trainer with no real goal in mind, now I am lifting weights outside in the fresh air and seeing a noticeable change in my shape!"


"Farm Fitness is not only an incredible place to train but it has created a solid community which has helped push me to new levels whilst making training a lot more fun"


"I have made great friends and great gains both physically and mentally"


"Farm Fitness is a melting pot of non judgemental like minded people"


"Farm Fitness is a unique and inspiring training facility used be inspirational people. An incredibly friendly atmosphere that brings the absolute best out of everybody in every training session"


"Farm Fitness has rejuvenated the long lost inner athlete in me. Challenging and competitive but totally inclusive team based classes with awesome programming and coaching"


"Farm Fitness really accelerated my overall gains through working functional movements at high intensity. I’ve really enjoyed significant improvement in my overall strength and well being "


"Farm Fitness is a truly unique place to train and having trained in gyms for years and tried all sorts of classes, it’s been by far the most positive experience. A supportive environment with the perfect mix of hard work and fun. The coaches are knowledgeable and encouraging and I’ve achieved more than I thought possible!"


"Farm Fitness is more than just a unique training facility with super knowledgeable trainers who drive you to achieve the very best you can, it’s a community of like-minded people all supporting one another through each and every workout. It’s one big team that we’re all proud to be a part of!"


"I’ve been going to FF for two years now and in those two years I have never done the same class twice. Each class is different and varied and everything is scaleable to your ability so you can be in mixed ability groups and meet new people. I had tried other bootcamp classes in the area but nothing compares to Farm Fitness, I’ve never been fitter (or stronger) in my life!" Everyone is really friendly and the coaches are always on hand to make sure you’re doing things the right way. I can’t recommend it enough!"


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