61 Years Young!

Here’s a few words from our April 21 member of the Month. Terry’s a Gold a member and has been training with us for the past 2 years. He attends two small group PT sessions per week and two class sessions. He recently achieved a lifetime personal best deadlift of 150kg! We couldn’t be prouder of his efforts and motivation all at the prime age of 61!

“In the words of Dylan Thomas do not go gentle into that good night. I believe that you should pay attention to keeping your body working well maybe even more so as the years accumulate.

COVID brought about much working from home for me. In its own way rewarding but our bodies become vegetables if they’re only fed and watered. We have to move and work them.Rather than just the single strength movements you may do down a gym or the focussed cardio class joining.

Farm Fitness really accelerated my overall gains through working functional movements at high intensity. I’ve really enjoyed significant improvement in my overall strength and well being and love the camaraderie of working out with a bunch of great people. I’m never going to completely transform my diet at my age but I’ve tuned it to support my exercise regime, I love the nutritional supplements from PhD which makes it easier to switch out of the cake, biscuits… etc for options that taste great but also fuel your body better”

Terry King

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