About farm fitness

Farm Fitness is a ferociously burning beacon on the UK fitness scene. It attracts spectators and participants from all over the country to come and take a swing at its alchemic blend of modified strongman, functional bodybuilding, callisthenics and blistering cardio efforts – all carefully programmed to be accessible for all fitness levels. Set against a rolling countryside backdrop, its diverse membership base regularly sees teachers training alongside rugby players and amateur strongmen, all looking to give their workouts a rural shake-up!

Our new ‘Farm Fit Kids’ classes also provide the perfect setting for the next generation to take their first few steps (and jumps!) into the world of fitness, in a fun, safe, nurturing environment.

Outside of their busy regular schedule of classes, Farm Fitness also hosts sellout fitness events, covering everything from 10k races to competitive lifting, as well as acting as a venue are facility for those looking a unique venue to put on their own special event.

The Farm Fitness pop-up experience has also proven incredibly popular, taking the farm fit yard on the road and creating bespoke fitness experiences for hen and stag parties, corporate team building days and experiential marketing events, working for some of the biggest companies in the world!

We’re very proud to have been voted one of the best gym’s in the world and ‘coolest outdoor space’ by Mens Health. Head over to our Press Page to see more.

A Q&A with


Farm Fitness Founder

About Farm Fitness

Why is Farm Fitness a fresh approach to functional training?

Our focus on a team-based format creates an environment where seemingly ‘intimidating’ exercises become accessible to anyone through a combination of coaching applicable regressions and a strong culture of teamwork and camaraderie. In a friendly but competitive team setting, trainees who may otherwise find it difficult to motivate themselves are suddenly both accountable to a team AND supported by that team. We often see people go from timid field mouse to hungry wolf in the space of a 6-minute block!

Explain your training philosophy to us?

Our training philosophy is based on Low Skill, High yield, Scalable Movements, performed at High Intensity in Team-Based Trackable Blocks. We offer an alchemic blend of modified strongman, functional bodybuilding, callisthenics and blistering cardio efforts – all carefully programmed to be accessible for all fitness levels, with the added twist of giving gym-goers and outdoor, rural shake-up.

Did you think there might be this massive appetite for the kind of training you do before you founded Farm Fitness?

Definitely, there’s still a lingering stigma that strongman style training and even functional training that’s more mainstream now is the preserve of the ultra-strong or fit, that you have to ‘get fit first’ before you can even try this sort of thing. Many people would tell us that they’d love to give our style of training a go, but they felt they weren’t ‘ready’ for it yet. We set out to create an environment where this was defused and people from all walks of life would feel comfortable pushing their limits.

What’s next for Farm Fitness? How are you going to develop?

We are continually looking at ways to grow the brand and expand all things ‘Farm Fitness’ capitalising on our unique location is our main focus at the moment, along with building a strong online presence launching more online training manuals, apparel and equipment.

Christmas Classes

December 20/21/22/23
Open as usual

December 24
9.30am Class only

December 25/26

December 27
9.30am Class only (TK)

December 28
9.30am Class only (CS)

December 29/30
Open as usual

December 31 – January 1/2

January 3
Open as usual