Andy’s Story

Like some, I held a belief that I could achieve my goals on my own without a personal trainer, however, it wasn’t until I started training with Tom, that I realised he was so much more than just a personal trainer.  

In late 2014 I had a shoulder surgery and spent the majority of the 4-5 years leading up to that avoiding anything that might damage my shoulder or cause me pain.

​During 2015 I spent my time mostly doing cardio and gentle rehab on my shoulder, but I hadn’t yet regained full strength and actually noticed I’d put on some weight as I couldn’t train as intensely as I’d have liked, that was in part because of a fear of re-injury.  

​In February 2016 I decided I needed some help and I began training with Tom, he took all my previous injuries into consideration, my goals and my personality and built an 8 week programme that allowed me to start to achieve my goals. During those first 8 weeks, I saw my strength increase massively, and as a result I began attempting exercises that I hadn’t for years, this is turn increased my fitness and I began to lose weight. 

The final 8 week programme we worked on then looked at maintaining mass and muscle, but increased cardio in order to cut and maintain my physique in the lead up to my summer holiday. 

I still train regularly  constantly re-assess my goals with Tom, in order to keep progressing. I am definitely fitter, stronger, more educated around fitness and healthier after this year of training with Tom.

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