Billy’s Story

Training with Tom was very challenging, and very rewarding at the same time. My goal for the 8 week programme was to shred body fat, and in the meantime become more agile and quicker whilst trying to be promoted to the East Premier League with Saffron Walden Hockey Club. Tom was constantly pushing me to push through the mental barriers that had previously stopped me from training to my maximum potential and along with this, Tom corrected my bad habits in terms of my technique very quickly. 

​The diet was easy to follow and did not require ridiculous prep like other programmes I had tried before. Through following the diet, I learned to see food in a different way to I did previously, and to this day still eat very similarly to how I did whilst on the plan. Tom gave me recipe ideas which met my macros and tasted great…although I did miss sauces. 

I achieved my goal through sticking rigidly to the diet, and working as hard as I possibly could during the various sessions. There were days after when I couldn’t lift my arms above my head, and couldn’t really walk – but it was all worth it. I look forward to more sessions with a new goal in the coming year.

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