Clare’s Story

I’m a mum of two who works as PT. I have a busy live with work, children and running a home. I always make time for myself to train as this is how I choose to unwind around my busy life.

I met Tom through two mutual friends and went to the Farm for my first session a year ago. I knew I loved it straight away as I grew up on farms with my horses. So farmer carries, Wheelbarrow pushes right back to my childhood. When I first started there I was fit doing marathons, tough mudders and several 100 mile bike rides. But I always find the farm a challenge which is what I want. I like to go outside my comfort zone but even as a PT you don’t always push yourself but at the farm there’s no escaping. I’m now doing pull ups, squatting & lifting much heavier. 

​My overall strength has improved no end plus the benefits of shorts too big back and arms definitely are at there best ever i feeling fab at 43 let’s see what another year brings. I now take my hubby, children and several friends. Thanks Tom for fab year and use of such an amazing facility.

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Christmas Classes

December 20/21/22/23
Open as usual

December 24
9.30am Class only

December 25/26

December 27
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December 28
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December 29/30
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December 31 – January 1/2

January 3
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