At Farm Fitness

Functional Body Composition

Every Tuesday & Saturday

Tuesday 6:30PM to 7:30pm
Saturday 7:15AM to 8:15am

This class is designed to bring together the worlds of functional fitness and bodybuilding, to change how your body looks, moves and feels!

Combining training methods proven to ensure a safe, solid foundation for building your body up, so that you can experience great health alongside a strong, stable and injury free body that leaves you feeling energised for life beyond the gym!

  • Delivered across 2 weekly sessions, FBC promises achievable, incremental progress week by week, avoiding plateaus and keeping you motivated.
  • Packed full of variety to keep you learning new skills, improving and having fun.

Boom Class

Every Monday

One hour session
9:30AM / 5:00PM / 7:00PM

Working in a friendly, competitive environment in our BOOM class you’ll work through multiple ‘blocks’ of modified strongman, functional bodyweight movements and measurable metabolic cardio bouts to log your high score on the white board.

Be ready to boost your fitness levels, increase your movement abilities and torch some serious calories.

Blitz Class

Every Tuesday

One hour session - 9:30AM

Our BLITZ class is no ordinary bootcamp.

Using a unique, research based and results driven mixture of muscle building and metabolic rate boosting strength exercises and calorie torching conditioning bouts.

You’ll work in small teams to carry each other through some of the most effective, rewarding total body workouts of your life.


Every Other Tuesday

5.00PM / 7.00PM

Olympic Lifting workshop with elite lifting coach Krys Speed. Fine tune your Olympic lifting skills and technique. Classes are open to both members and externals in our Urban Gym.

Build Class

Every Wednesday

One hour session - 6:45PM

Our BUILD class combines compound lifts, bodybuilding, and modified strongman. This class is weights focused, scalable and accessible for all fitness levels, although a reasonable level of strength is recommended.


Every Wednesday

Half hour session

A 30-40 minute cardio based class programmed around building your engine, with a more endurance style work rate. Usually completed as a pair, please note this is a more advanced class and a good base level of fitness is advised.

Farm Fitness kids

Every Wednesday

One hour session
4:00pm / 5:00pm

They can look forward to pushing, pulling, climbing, dragging, jumping and running all in an exhilarating outdoor environment. Teaming up with other kids, your child will learn the fundamentals of functional fitness, along with the importance of teamwork, honing the ability to support one another, whilst always having someone there to support them!


Every Thursday

One hour session
9:30AM / 5:00PM / 7:15PM

Turn your body into a calorie burning furnace, build mental toughness and torch body fat with our metabolically demanding workouts. You’ll have a blast of fun in the process. Adaptable to all levels of fitness.

Train With a trainer

Every Thursday

A chance to train alongside one of the Farm Fitness coaches. Follow their set programming for that day. Workouts can be scaled for all abilities. This is not a coached class, more so group training.

Blaze Class

Every Friday

One hour session
5:00PM / 7:00PM

A high-energy, cardio focused class that will boost your fitness levels and torch some serious calories. Finish the week strong and head into the weekend feeling energised. 

Saturday Sweat

Every Saturday

One hour session - 8:30AM

Kick start your weekend with our original Farm Fit yard class.

Be ready to boost your fitness levels, increase your movement abilities and torch some serious calories.

Pilates Class

Every Saturday

One hour session - 9:45AM

Come along and work your body the Pilates way. Pilates by Zuzana class is a full body all over conditioning, that will leave you more stretched, aligned, mobile and stronger. The focus will be on your overall mobility (every joint), building a stronger core to support your back, and challenging your balance and coordination of movements. We will strengthen every muscle group in the body, from flexion to extension, rotation (where possible!) and let’s not forget lateral flexion. The key focus will be on functional exercises that will be incorporated into each class to provide variety, and develop strength and stability from a wider range of body positions. I’m looking forward to seeing you on the Pilates mat, Zuzana



90-MINUTE session

FREE to all farmers and members of the local community, come down and join us for a morning of team-based, outdoor fitness in the glorious Essex countryside.

With the grim realities of the last few years shining a light on growing mental health issues in our communities, we want to offer everyone the opportunity to experience our ‘big three’ when it comes to improving mental health.

  • Nature
  • Physical Activity
  • Social connection

A free morning of fun, challenging workouts and good banter, post workout stretch followed by coffee and refreshments.

Christmas Classes

December 20/21/22/23
Open as usual

December 24
9.30am Class only

December 25/26

December 27
9.30am Class only (TK)

December 28
9.30am Class only (CS)

December 29/30
Open as usual

December 31 – January 1/2

January 3
Open as usual