From London to the Farm

So for the past 4 years, I have lived in London, and don’t get me wrong I absolutely love it here and thrive off the busy hustle of the city. However I have no dramas admitting that sometimes it does get a little overwhelming, sometimes you just want to get away for a weekend to somewhere quiet with not a suit in sight.

So last weekend me and Tom Bliss did exactly that, a quick 1hr 15 drive to Tom Kemps Farm Fitness gym and it was if we were in a different country. Beautiful scenery, no pollution, and then what I can only put as the mecca of all gyms waiting for us. And genuine, I’m not even joking about the air quality, it was one of the first things Blissy and I noticed.

What I loved about this place is it’s catered for all, there was a fully operational gym inside with plethora of functional, bodybuilding and rehab equipment. Then in the other building, there were ski/bike ergs, treadmills, and more functional kit. And then well it’s the main reason we came up, outside is what I can only describe as a big kids playground! Strongman heaven, fully functional outdoor rig, heavy tyres, giant dumbbells, axel tyre barbel, yoke carry, atlas stones, basically the list was endless.

With my military background, I was feeling all types of nostalgia, I remembered endless times for our physical training where we would have obstacles to get over, tyres to flip, heavy sandbags to carry. But I only thought that was something you could do in the military, oh was I wrong. Now it’s literally on my doorstep, with better kit and definitely with nicer people running the show.

We spent the morning doing two strongman style AMRAPS, after Blissy decided to get a little functional pump inside whilst I just admired the scenery. Tom’s programming is fantastic and you can tell it’s been meticulously scrutinised by himself and his peers to ensure people are getting the most from their session. The proof is in the pudding, Tom’s members are strong, happy and healthy, Tom himself is a walking talking machine. Through his training principles installed at Farm Fitness, he can literally walk into any fitness competition group or individual and hold his own.

You may ask why I am writing this? Well, it’s simple really, if you work and live in the city don’t get caught up in the bubble. Say yes, book things and go and challenge yourself on weekends. Farm Fitness is a small commute away and you can destress whilst exercising with a fantastic community, everyone is welcome. Then once you’re recharged it’s back to it, but I can guarantee two things:

You’ll feel invigorated, a sense of achievement that you’ve not just sat on your arse all weekend, and you would have had a bloody good workout.

You’ll already be looking in the calendar for when you can come back (as I’m doing right now).

Thank you, Tom and the Farm Fitness team for your hospitality, we will be back very soon!

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