“I have made new friends, lost inches and gained strength”

I started training at Farm Fitness in May 2018. I had just been building up my cardio after a very long recovery from an ankle reconstruction and was ready to start adding some strength training back into my workouts. I was recommended to come to along to Farm Fitness by Clare, who I’ve known for years and who trains my​ Mum. We were having afternoon tea and she suggested popping over to her Monday night class to give it a try and it would help build my strength.

Well since that Monday, as well as burning off all that cake, I have never looked back.

I was not a stranger to exercise classes and had tried a few, from Boxing to Zumba but got bored easily as I could almost predict the class every week. With Blast, no two weeks are the same and because of this, I kept coming back for more.

When you attend a Farm Fitness Bootcamp as a beginner, you are spotted, if don’t know what an acronym means, it is explained, if you can’t do the movement there is always a scaled version for you to try, all without judgment, with a friendly smile and your best interests put first. I am a bit of an adrenaline junkie, and there is nothing quite like the rush of being able to lift something that you never thought you could ​do and pushing your body to new limits.

In the nearly two years I have been attending Farm Fitness, I have made new friends, lost inches and gained strength. It has improved my posture, my mental health, and my husband!!

After a year of going on about how brilliant Farm Fitness was to my long-suffering husband Chris, I finally managed to convince him to come to one of the Monday classes. I knew he would enjoy the strength aspect and it would be good to train together (and compete against each other). After his first session, he was hooked too and even going when I wasn’t able to as well. It’s really great to be able to work together and share the gains with someone you love- and it’s also nice to know that I was right!

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