Kyle’s Story

I have never felt as fit and energised… I now feel even more motivated to improve my fitness levels and see how far I can go in the next 12 weeks!

I’d been attending classes at Farm Fitness for the past two years but I wanted to take my strength and fitness training outside of these classes to the next, I thought it would be good to have a 12 week plan to help me monitor my progress. 

Not only did Tom tailor a training plan for me but also a nutritional guide to help me along the way.

Tom’s plan had me to eating a lot more than I expected which meant that I could balance my calorie intake so that I never missed out on the odd burger, pizza or beer! I was a bit worried about consuming a lot of extra calories at first but soon realised that it was helping me add lean muscle and gave me enough energy to push myself in the gym.

The training plan was varied and each session was roughly 45mins which, coupled with the Farm Fitness classes which helped to massively increase my conditioning and get a feel for how hard I could really push myself, this massively helped me to keep my motivation and commitment.

I have never felt as fit and energised as I do following the 12 week plan and it has definitely helped in other areas including my posture (given that I’m sat at a desk for 8 hours a day), my general mood and mental health has also improved significantly which is hugely important for me.

I now feel even more motivated to improve my fitness levels and see how far I can go in the next 12 weeks.

I cannot recommend Farm Fitness and Tom Kemp enough. The training is always varied and having the option of training outdoors is a massive plus. 

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