Liam’s Story

I recently moved to Dunmow and started attending the classes at farm fitness. I have always loved keeping fit and living a healthy lifestyle but always struggled in consistency and getting the results I wanted.

So I got in touch with Tom about a tailored plan. We started with a 12 week plan to build muscle with 5 meals a day. I was shocked of how much food your body needs to consume to maintain muscle mass, but once I got in the swing of it I found it easy. 

The training was 4 times a week and easy to follow starting with heavy compound lifts and finishing with isolation moves lasting around 60 mins.

My strength has massively improved and I’m stronger than I’ve ever been. I’ve learnt that been consistent and having a structured plan is key. Now I’ve met my goal of putting on some solid muscle mass my next step is to hold this size add more conditioning and get a little leaner.

I would like to thank Tom for everything he has done! Pushing me and taking my training  to the next level. So glad I joined farm fitness it’s a great place to be. Definitely helped me physically & mentally and put me in the best shape of my life! 

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