Louise’s Story

I met and heard about Tom through the gym I attended and the friends who used him swore by him so I thought I would give PT a go despite never having done it before! I absolutely love my food, eating out, dinner parties and worst of all I love a sociable alcoholic drink or three so it has never been that easy for me to lose weight especially without much exercise.

I was already going to the gym doing my own thing and spinning classes before I started working with Tom but I lacked the motivation to really focus in the gym when there on my own. With Tom’s help both through PT and the farm fitness classes I was able to really improve my fitness and my shape with toning and weight loss. I still have wine and eat treats now but am more conscious of what I eat and how important exercise is not just cardio but also weights which I really enjoy, the HIIT not so much!

I will continue to try and get down to my goal weight but for now I have so much to thank Tom for in helping me realise that ‘healthy’ food can be made tasty and helped me actually enjoy exercising which I never thought would happen.

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