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Danny Fenner | 40 years old | Dad to 3 daughters | Joined Farm Fitness in 2019

“I am from a team sports background, football and cricket. In my early days, I hated the gym and pre-season training, fitness wasn’t my thing. I didn’t like the feeling of intensity training or the gym bods strolling about in their latest gym wear.

In my first session at Farm Fitness, I was greeted by Clare Shepherd. Clare was welcoming and provided a training session to suit everyone’s needs within the group. I was really surprised by the variety of people, different shapes and sizes, and more than anything the welcoming nature.

I struggled physically with my dad bod, since giving up team sports. Mentally struggled with working from home, not competing and having social connections. Since joining Farm Fitness, I have felt fitter than ever and mentally more focused on goals, family life and mental well-being.

At Turf Games I was able to compete and socialise with 4 top blokes. Pete, Ross , Ryan and Vinnie. These like-minded people are just average guys with good values. It was an honour to compete with them and more than anything I proved to myself that I was able to push myself physically and show mental resilience.

Anyone struggling with mental health or physical well-being. Farm Fitness is the place to go for a positive environment and top coaches!”

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