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Pre Season Training At Farm Fitness

Working as an aside to a traditional strength and conditioning programming, we’re looking to utilise our methods of training as a tool to foster and sharpen- focus and teamwork under fatigue and discomfort, recovery between bouts and the ability to quickly shift gears between a variety of resistances and velocities, as well as building some true ‘farm strength’.

Our team programming and coaching can encompass everything from a complete, comprehensive, pre season strength and conditioning programme, to one off sessions focussing on skills, drills, strength building or simply a ‘team building’ session, looking to foster camaraderie in the face of some serious hard work and ‘fast thinking under fatiguing’. Game changing skills to have on the playing field.

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Christmas Classes

December 20/21/22/23
Open as usual

December 24
9.30am Class only

December 25/26

December 27
9.30am Class only (TK)

December 28
9.30am Class only (CS)

December 29/30
Open as usual

December 31 – January 1/2

January 3
Open as usual