Turf Games 2019

Two days solid of some seriously high energy competition at the UnderArmour Turf Games Summer Festival Mobile pop up at Rosslyn Park!

We went BIG with the Farm Fitness arena, creating a bespoke workout experience including an obstacle course (that became the talking point of the competition), mammoth telegraph pole holds, team tyres and some traditional farm ‘fun’.

We’ve been privileged enough to be involved with the ever-growing behemoth that is Turf Games from the very early days and be prouder to be even a small cog in these works.

We can’t thank our support team enough for making the day run smoothly for us and want to extend our gratitude to every single person who stepped into our arena and gave it their all.

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Wednesday 23rd December
Open as usual

Thursday 24th December
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Saturday 26th Boxing Day CLOSED

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