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Writer Sarah Sellens, also a qualified personal trainer, tries Farm Fitness for herself “As someone who has a penchant for outdoor exercise, I was itching to try the new green workout concept I’d been hearing so much about… but I wasn’t 

prepared for how great a workout it would be. On arrival, my inner fitness fan 

couldn’t help but be excited by the vision of a huge training rig (a large station to 

which you can attach accessories such as pull-up bars, battle ropes and more), and the workout didn’t disappoint. A staple example of the training done at Farm Fitness, my taster session was anything but, including an intense mix of compound lifts such as squats and overhead presses, functional carries such as the aptly named farmer’s walk, and conditioning intervals on the SkiErg, or rower. I even discovered what happens when it rains – erm, you keep going. There’s something very cathartic about pushing to the max while the elements roar around you. If asked whether I’d go again, I’d say ‘sign me up!’” 

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