Autumn workouts and why it’s a great season to train outdoors

The mornings are getting darker, the temperature is dropping and those long dark evenings make it tempting to stay under the duvet or on the sofa. Staying motivated can be tough as we hit a seasonal shift. 

If you’re prone to Seasonal Affective Disorder, inactivity is likely to aggravate the symptoms, so no matter how much you feel like hibernating or hiding until spring, it’s far better to  get your kit on and head outside for an invigorating and energising  Farm Fitness session. 

“Autumn is a time to reflect on the summer and set new goals.”

Sticking to a training schedule during the autumn will make starting winter training much easier and puts you in a better position with the Christmas festive period approaching, when exercise can often take a back seat to spending time with friends and family. Remember, fitness is lost more quickly than it’s gained! 

Find something you enjoy to help keep you motivated and spice up your workouts. It might be weights, it might be running or maybe a new class – whatever you choose, it’ll keep you pushing forward through autumn. Farm Fitness, my outdoor training method, is a refreshing new concept that fits the bill! It leaves participants feeling strong, energised and positive about training, plus being outside and training hard on a crisp golden morning in the English countryside will do wonders for your mind and body. 

“Consistency is the ultimate key to achieving your long-term goals.”

Are you training to lose weight, to add some muscle, to feel better and healthier? If so make sure you have a clear goal like dropping a dress size, smashing a new time for a run/bike/row or a personal best on a max lift: get a clear goal in mind and you’ll be more motivated towards achieving it and maintaining consistency during the autumn period. 

Turning up to the gym and just doing ‘something’, you’ll soon falter. People with a target tend to stay more motivated and enjoy their time at the gym more. Create a personalised workout plan so you know what you’re doing each session or invest in a coach to help achieve your goals and keep you focused. 

Alternatively, get yourself a training partner. If you commit yourself to something, you’re more likely to stick to it, so get yourself a training mate. You won’t want to let them down and you’ll motivate each other to turn up and train hard. 

Where possible, schedule your training session so you have a clear routine. A brisk power walk at lunchtime or an outdoor Farm Fitness style workout  you’ll benefit from being out in the daylight instead of eating lunch at your desk. You will feel so much more energised in the afternoon and happy to have seen at least some of the day. 

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