Mobility is a bit like flossing your teeth…

I’m Hayley Heggie, sports therapist BSc focusing on soft tissue, sports massage. I’m now connected to the farm providing this service, after training here for just under two years. So you can book in with me at the farm or I can be mobile to you!

Realistic Mobility commitment… Mobility is a bit like flossing your teeth, we all know we should do it but how many of us honestly do, regularly? I’ve managed to try to combat the procrastination of doing it by making it focussed on what I need/ want to improve on at that time. Mobility work is a combination of stretching and strengthening to allow full range of pain free motion, controlled movements in your joints. ‘Bullet proofing’ them so that they can cope with loads/ awkward object carrying and give them the capacity to meet the demands of daily life.

It’s tough to stick to something that is uncomfortable and doesn’t give you the endorphin rush that a work out will. So if improving your mobility is one of your goals or something you need to work on to have success in your chosen activities and then tailor your mobility flow to suit you. for me this means a combination of classic yoga poses and CARs which are controlled articulatar rotations. Create a home-made flow which is tailored to you. Ensuring is has the following features, for me means I’m more likely to stick to it…

1. It has to be fun.

2. It can’t take too long so maximum 10 minutes.

3. Needs to be challenging, so incorporates something I can improve on, be that reps or quality of movement.

4. Targeted to what I need it to work on at that time.

If you’re not sure what that is for you then grab coach Tom or Claire. Or book in with me and we can identify the areas that could potentially do with some work!

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