Why age is just a number

Mike came to train at Farm Fitness for our Rambo themed ‘Last Blood’ training day.  At 66 years of age Mike proves age is no limit! Here’s his story..

I quite often get asked about training in your 40’s or later and is it ok to start and continue to do as we get older. 

I think it’s important to continue and to take up exercise at whatever age you are.

There is a program out there for everyone no matter their age or abilities. It’s important to seek professional advice of course and it has to be managed in the correct way as the years progress . I can understand that some people of all ages and abilities may find gyms intimidating, but that’s not the only place to exercise of course, I believe to be out in the fresh air and with all the beauty that nature has to offer is a tonic in its self. Also find a friend that is of a similar level as yourself and you can inspire and support each other and share different ways and also learn new and exciting ways that you maybe would not have thought of before. 

Not only taking up exercise at any age will make physical changes to your body,  the positive mental changes that exercise will bring is very often overlooked. 

Your sleeping pattern will improve your energy levels will increase , it will be easier to maintain a healthier diet. The positives are enormous and it’s a great way to meet new friends as well.

So , it’s really difficult to find anything negative about not exercising or taking up exercise at any age or ability.. But try and choose a form that you enjoy and make it a fun thing to do, that way you will want to go back.

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