My Farm Fitness Journey

I joined Farm Fitness in February of 2019, I was getting married that July so joining Farm Fitness was my focus to help me feel great on my wedding day. It quickly became evident that Farm Fitness’ soul aim was not weight loss but strength, confidence and sheer determination to work together and get the five seven minute rounds done, the toning and weight loss became very much a secondary bonus to me and I found myself feeling confident and healthy for July!

I then also fell pregnant in July and although absolutely over the moon and excited for our next chapter, rightly or wrongly some of my early thoughts were that I was going to have to give up some of the things I loved. So, as I felt well enough to keep going to the Farm, I thought I should go while I can – not knowing how my pregnancy was going to develop. The buzz I get from going must be quite strong as at 27 weeks pregnant I am still going and enjoying every week.

In the early weeks I was being careful, I was very aware of myself and the strain my body was under. I had planned to tell Clare (our wonderful trainer) ahead of our 12 week scan as I thought it was only fair, but before I could say anything she had intuitively guessed and from then on she has looked after me offered advice when I’ve needed it and helped me carry on to this point. I would like to think that I can continue until the end with Clare’s help, although my body may have other ideas for now, I am going to go with it….

For me my mental state is as important if not more so than my physical state, Farm Fitness is such an amazing group and really helps with both, the knowing I can still do it, the feeling of strength and the overwhelming release of endorphins you get from partaking is something I wish I could bottle up and sell!

Going to the Farm in the depths of winter to run outside, lift barrels, flip tyres and row max cals for the team is such a sense of achievement every week and even more so when you are growing another human being, I find it so empowering and feel I can conquer anything once the hour is up, this I believe will really help with labour and post pregnancy, I feel stronger than I have ever felt.

You go through so many emotions whilst pregnant and it is very hard to keep any type of constant as you never know how you are going to feel day to day. For me, the drive to be strong and well comes from going to Farm Fitness even when I’m tired or lethargic. It would be so easy to blame pregnancy for those feelings and stay at home nesting on the sofa for the evening, but I would only ever regret not going. The odd week when I don’t think I can face heading out in the cold, I simply remind myself that ‘this week might be the last week I am able to go’ – and that thought soon gets me there!

Clare points out any regressions I need to make to the exercises and is always aware of me, but never to a point that I feel I am a hinderance or shouldn’t be going, everyone in the group is great and if they get me in the team its like getting two for one! Any exercise is good exercise and the fact the Farm offers such a variation is brilliant.

I have felt an element of guilt being able to continue at Farm Fitness but for me I feel my unborn baby needs this as much as I do, to keep my sanity while my body is changing in all sorts of uncontrollable ways and to keep physically and mentally strong.

The team at Farm Fitness are knowledgeable and I have complete confidence that they have my best interests at heart and can push me when it’s safe to and will advice when to hold back when needs be. The exhilaration of Farm Fitness becomes very addictive and I believe that is a lot to do with working outdoors in all weathers with great people.

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