Shoulder Mobility

It’s important to remember that mobility work doesn’t mean the goal is to have ‘the most’ mobility, but to have sufficient range and control to allow you to do the activities you want to do, safely.

If you are restricted in even one aspect of the total range that should be available to you in a joint, other areas of the body compensate to try to accomplish the task. This can lead to incorrect mechanics and over time, potential injury.

Common complaints that can occur when shoulders are restricted and other muscles and joints have to behave as shoulders to make up for it!… 

• Neck pain

• Headaches

• Back pain

• Round shouldered posture

• Wrist and grip weakness

• Pins and needles in forearm/ hands

1) SHOULDER CARs (controlled articular rotations) movement ranges trained – extension, abduction, external rotation, adduction, flexion and internal rotation

**VIDEOS 3 & 4!!**
2) Scapula cars movement ranges trained – retraction, elevation, protection and depression

Doing these regularly (daily if you can!) or at least building them in as part of your warm up before a session, should really see you having some great results in relieving symptoms described above, improving your control and success in the activities you are doing and preventing injuries arising from poor mechanics!

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