Sunday Funday with Ex England 7’s Rugby player and owner of Marchon Athletic

Ollie Marchon, Ex England 7’s Rugby player and owner of Marchon Athletic, gets the Farm Fitness experience and shares it below.

Myself and the coaches at Marchon Athletic had been talking about a coaches day out for some time and when we were discussing where we’d like to go there Farm Fitness with a unanimous choice.

It’s literally the perfect place to workout! An outdoor space set up like an adults playground with all the toys and accessories you need for one of the best workouts you’ll ever have!

Now, whilst the environment plays a part and the music selection is solid, it’s the boys behind the gym that make it truly special.

Tom and Andrews coaching style s simple and effective, move how the body was designed to, do it with purpose, challenge yourself and have fun whilst doing it.

With that in mind we got stuck into a workout which ticked all the fundamental boxes: compound lifts, carrying of heavy and odd objects and various challenges to the cardiovascular system.

The day was topped off with a mega feed on the Farm Fitness BBQ which completed a perfect day of training.

Cheers lads!

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