Training with Olympic Gold Medalist Joe Clarke

I met Tom a few months ago at a Red Bull fitness influencer gathering and we got chatting about the farm and his concept “farm fitness” it all sounded pretty cool and when I found out it was only a short drive from my place I knew I had to give it a go!

It took a while for our schedules to line up but it was definitely worth the wait….. when I arrived and Tom showed me around the place, I felt like a kid at Christmas and wasn’t sure what I wanted to do first. I was quickly brought down to earth when Tom got the whiteboard out and started explaining the session he’d planned for us. I was in for a world of pain and that’s probably an understatement!

20 sets

BW Bench press x 5

10 Cal ski erg

This was always going to be more fun when Tom’s built like a Greek god and is around 15kg heavier than me! Obviously, I just had to up my game and racked the bar up to Tom’s bodyweight. I don’t usually do this kind of training bur it’s always good to mix things up and shock the body, this session certainly did that.

After 30 minutes of non stop work Tom revealed that the session wasn’t over just yet, with a tasty incline press 10-1 to Medball to shoulder superset and 100 dips every time you break 10 narrow grip press ups still left to go the work felt like it had only just begun.

After breaking through 100 dips I could smile again that was actually the end. I didn’t realise a press up could actually feel that hard!

Even though I was leaving the farm a broken man I’d had a great workout and a good time, the equipment and the atmosphere was fantastic and I’ll definitely be coming back again once my chest has recovered (P.s. this could be a month… But I’ll be back!)

Big thanks to Tom for the session


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